SWAYE Launches The OG Battlefront Game on Telegram, Combining Blockchain and AI

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Paris, France, April 10th, 2024, GamingWire


In the world of blockchain gaming, a new chapter is being written by SWAYE during Paris Blockchain Week with the launch of « The OG Battlefront » Community Alpha at Sui Basecamp. A game that seamlessly integrates into the daily app habits of millions – Telegram. This innovation simplifies the transition to Web3 gaming with an AI bot that handles everything from account setup to chauffeuring users in-game, making blockchain gaming as easy as sending a message.

The team aims to offer an experience where users can play, earn, and grow within a game universe without ever leaving their chat window. This embodies the reality SWAYE presents in its mission to make Web3 accessible to the masses.

SWAYE’s strategic blend of technology and influencer partnerships transforms the way gamers and creators engage with blockchain, inviting not just players but entire communities to participate in a gaming pixel party, all within Telegram’s UI.

With The OG Battlefront, SWAYE isn’t just releasing a game – they’re spearheading a platform that marries the viral nature of social apps with the intricacies of blockchain gaming. A story that may well sound too good to be true. And is seeing believing? 

Everyone’s invited to try it, for themselves, by clicking on this link: https://t.me/swaye_ai_bot.


SWAYE is a first-of-its-kind Telegram-based social gaming platform. Leveraging AI and blockchain technology, SWAYE offers a seamless, user-friendly gaming experience that integrates directly into Telegram, enabling players to engage with Web3 gaming like never before. By combining social media accessibility, influencers, and culture with blockchain gaming mechanics, SWAYE is not just creating games but building a frictionless ecosystem for creators and gamers that enhances user engagement and democratizes access to blockchain technology. For more information, visit SWAYE.me.

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