Stardust Integrates with Sui, Simplifying the Onboarding Experience for Game Developers Building on Sui

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Palo Alto, California, February 15th, 2024, GamingWire


Collaboration with web3 gaming infrastructure provider to fuel Sui’s web3 gaming growth by enabling developers to seamlessly launch on Sui, providing users with new games and capabilities

Stardust, a leading web3 gaming infrastructure and user acquisition service provider, today announced the completion of their full integration of Sui, expanding web3 gaming ecosystem through a partnership with Mysten Labs, the web3 infrastructure company and original contributor to the Sui Layer 1 smart contract platform and blockchain. This expansion allows game developers to seamlessly launch their projects directly on Sui. The streamlined integration process will introduce new games and capabilities to the network, improving the overall user experience.

Today’s announcement marks a significant advancement for Sui’s gaming ecosystem by improving the developer onboarding process. Stardust’s infrastructure tools reduce the barrier to entry for developers to deploy games directly onto the Sui platform. This allows them to prioritize creating compelling and fun gaming experiences rather than dealing with difficult technical processes. Creators will be able to leverage Sui’s scalability, low fees, and fast growing community, increasing their game’s visibility and adoption.

Stardust, known for its exceptional services within the EVM chains, helps scale web3 games to millions of players, and stands as a trusted partner for various top game developers including Midnight Society, Habbo, and many more. As a part of the partnership, Stardust will embed Sui into their Wallets-as-a-Service (WaaS) platform and User Acquisition tools, further enabling better user experiences. Stardust selected the Sui blockchain because of its scalability and ability to handle a large number of transactions while maintaining incredibly low gas fees. Sui recently crossed the $500m TVL milestone, continuing to cement itself as one of the leading blockchains for developers to build and launch games on. 

Canaan Linder, Founder & CEO at Stardust, said, “We are thrilled to empower the developer network leveraging Stardust’s infrastructure with the ability to integrate their games directly onto Sui. Game developers can focus less on complicated technical aspects, and go back to creating games that people love. This is a massive step forward not just for Stardust developers, but also for the wider adoption and growth of web3 gaming.”

Evan Cheng, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mysten Labs, said, “At Mysten Labs, we consistently strive to provide our community with the best user experience possible. Our partnership with Stardust will open the doors for both popular and newly created games to integrate into Sui’s ecosystem, making the process easier for developers and providing gamers with a much more comprehensive user experience.”

About Stardust

Stardust powers the metaverse by making it possible for game developers to enable blockchain in their games with a simplistic API. Enabling game developers to build invisibly on blockchain via their effortless back-end custodial wallet solution, Stardust provides a seamless ecosystem for game publishers to build and scale metaverse-ready games. Stardust also offers games a channel to acquire more users who will monetize in-game, leveraging blockchain data across web3 for the best-in-class return on ad spend. From a growing list of blockchain options to provisioned player-wallets and a user acquisition product, Stardust is paving the path for building sustainable, full-scale applications on blockchain.

About Sui

Sui is a first-of-its-kind Layer 1 blockchain and smart contract platform designed from the bottom up to make digital asset ownership fast, private, secure, and accessible to everyone. Its object-centric model, based on the Move programming language, enables parallel execution, sub-second finality, and rich on-chain assets. With horizontally scalable processing and storage, Sui supports a wide range of applications with unrivaled speed at low cost. Sui is a step-function advancement in blockchain and a platform on which creators and developers can build amazing, user-friendly experiences. Learn more:

About Mysten Labs

Mysten Labs is a team of leading distributed systems, programming languages, and cryptography experts whose founders were senior executives and lead architects of pioneering blockchain projects. The mission of Mysten Labs is to create foundational infrastructure for web3. Learn more:

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