Portugal Pavilion at GDC Hosted by eGamesLab: A Triumph for Portugal’s Gaming Industry

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Tallinn, Estonia, March 22nd, 2024, GamingWire


Discover the cutting-edge projects spotlighted at the Portuguese Pavilion, pushing boundaries and redefining gaming standards.

The spotlight shone brightly on Portugal as eGamesLab, backed by governmental support and nestled in the heart of Madeira, unveiled the groundbreaking Portuguese Pavilion at the revered Game Developers Conference (GDC). This milestone event not only underscored Portugal’s burgeoning presence in the global gaming arena but also marked a significant step forward for the country’s gaming industry.

« At eGamesLab, we take immense pride in representing Portugal on the prestigious stage of GDC, » exclaimed Cláudio Pestana, Project Manager at eGamesLab. « Our participation serves as a testament to the vibrant gaming ecosystem flourishing within our borders, and we’re thrilled to showcase our nation’s talent and potential to the world. »

A Celebration of Portuguese Talent and Innovation

The Portuguese Pavilion served as a nexus for 15 studios, a collaboration between seven eGamesLab entities and partners affiliated with the Portuguese Videogame Producers Association (APVP). This unified front was a strategic move to highlight Portugal’s prowess in gaming, featuring:

Blockchain Revolution: Yacooba’s pioneering work in blockchain gaming stole the limelight, showcasing the studio’s groundbreaking solutions that are pushing the boundaries of technology in gaming. Notably, Yacooba’s innovation earned them a spot as one of the four finalists for the esteemed « Best Blockchain Application Award » at the Wales Technology Awards.

Governmental Backing: The presence of Pedro Pinto, Portuguese consul in San Francisco, underscored the unwavering support of the government for the gaming sector. This endorsement emphasized the sector’s vital role in shaping Portugal’s economic and creative landscape.

Emerging Stars: One Way Eleven/WOWSystems emerged as a standout, presenting their game « Hanno » to a global audience of investors during the prestigious GDC Pitch session. Their selection from hundreds of entries speaks volumes about Portugal’s burgeoning talent pool.

Strategic Collaboration for Sectoral Advancement

The collaboration between APVP and eGamesLab reflects a concerted effort to propel Portugal’s gaming industry to new heights. « Our partnership aims to strengthen Portugal’s foothold in game development, » remarked Cláudio Pestana. « By fostering collaboration and innovation, we’re paving the way for sustained growth and success in the Portuguese gaming landscape. »

The Magnificent Seven

These pioneering studios showcased the vibrant spectrum of Portuguese gaming innovation:

As the Portugal Pavilion concludes its successful debut at GDC, it leaves behind a legacy of innovation and collaboration, showcasing Portugal’s rising prominence in the global gaming scene. With eGamesLab at the forefront and a host of visionary studios paving the way, the future of Portugal’s gaming industry looks more than promising.