Future of Gaming: Playnance Introduces PlayBlock Layer-3 on Arbitrum with Gelato RaaS

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Zug, Switzerland, March 20th, 2024, GamingWire


Playnance, a web3 leader in the peer-to-peer play-to-earn gaming category accounting for up to 10% of total Polygon POS transactions, today announced the launch of PlayBlock, a gaming Layer-3 ecosystem powered by Arbitrum Orbit, on Gelato’s Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) Platform. PlayBlock, a new Orbit Layer-3, is poised to onboard over ten thousand daily active users to its growing ecosystem of web3 games from decentralized trading, to sports to arcade. The chain will provide game developers with extensive white-labeling opportunities and seamless platform integrations, all while eliminating the previously existing UX drawbacks of blockchains, such as requiring users to pay for gas. The official launch of the PlayBlock on the mainnet is slated for early April.

PlayBlock’s future-facing design empowers game developers to freely exercise design choices while staying connected to the platform, greatly simplifying the sign-up process for players by offering a universal profile that allows them to carry their identity, achievements, and digital assets seamlessly across various games in the ecosystem. The new Layer-3 is poised to lead the upcoming wave of web3 mass adoption, with a rapidly expanding portfolio of over one hundred bile-first games in development.

« Launching our dedicated chain is a natural evolution of Playnance’s vision as one of the leading peer-to-peer web3 gaming platforms, » said Roman Levi, CTO at Playnance. « Our ambition is driven by the goal to combine the benefits of Web3 on-chain gaming with the fun and accessibility of traditional games, all without the web3 complexity. »

The PlayBlock chain, developed using Arbitrum Nitro’s rollup technology, will be run on Gelato’s RaaS platform that natively leverages a suite of industry-leading web3 services like Relayers, VRF, Functions, and Account Abstraction, to meet PlayBlock’s unique ecosystem needs. This allows developers to create more user-friendly gameplay directly on the blockchain, thereby enhancing transparency, fairness, and ownership of in-game assets. 

Leveraging Arbitrum Anytrust technology, the new PlayBlock chain achieves a 250ms block time and near-instant finality, capable of processing thousands of transactions per second. PlayBlock is leveraging Orbit’s native gas token feature by introducing the PBG token set to guarantee a zero-gas user experience. Additionally, PlayBlock Layer3 will feature its own stablecoin, USDP, to eliminate volatility and enhance the gamer experience by ensuring fair rewards payouts are always pegged to a dollar.

The PlayBlock Layer-3 chain is designed to abstract away the need for users to pay for gas, enabling persistent, session-based, gasless gameplay supported by sponsored transactions through Gelato’s natively integrated Relayer. The integration eliminates the need for frequent wallet confirmations and transaction approvals, ensuring uninterrupted and immersive gameplay. PlayBlock will feature a dedicated self-custodial native wallet called PlayWall, based on ERC-4337. The PlayWall wallet aims to streamline onboarding processes by offering seamless social login and account creation.

« Playnance approached us with a request to design an end-to-end gaming platform supporting thousands of games and millions of users, » said Hilmar Orth, Founder of Gelato. « We developed a gaming-first, fully-serviced, auto-scalable rollup infrastructure enabling Playnance to grow and scale at pace, whilst focusing on their core business. »

Over time, Playnance will move towards a multi-chain vision on Arbitrum Orbit. This transition led by the Gelato RaaS team, will involve scaling to multiple horizontally interconnected PlayBlock Layer-3s chains with a mission to achieve limitless scalability and increased bandwidth to accommodate an economy of hundreds of millions of gamers. The implementation will include a shared sequencer for smooth cross-chain interoperability.

About Playnance

The Playnance ecosystem bridges the traditional web2 iGaming experience, by putting players first, transitioning them to a transparent, trustless world of Web3 GameFi, utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology for social login, self-custody solutions, and a one-click crypto bridging mechanism. Today, the Playnance ecosystem handles over 200,000 transactions daily, totaling more than $450 million paid out. Its flagship product, the plug-and-play P2P trading game UPVSDOWN, is the #1 Polygon iGaming app based on transaction volume.

For more information visit Playnance’s: Official Website | Twitter | LinkedIn 

About Gelato

Gelato is an all-in-one Ethereum Rollup as a Service Platform built without limits. Designed to be super-fast, incredibly secure, and infinitely scalable, Gelato Rollups allow anyone to build and deploy their fully serviced Layer 2 chains natively integrated with industry-standard Web3 tools and services launching a production-ready web3 development environment with one click.

For more information visit Gelato’s: Official Website | Telegram | Twitter

About Arbitrum Foundation

The Arbitrum Foundation, founded in March 2023, supports and grows the Arbitrum network and community with secure scaling for Ethereum. Introduced in March 2023, Arbitrum Orbit is a permissionless path for launching customizable dedicated L2 and L3 Orbit chains using Arbitrum technology. Arbitrum Orbit enables features such as custom gas tokens, dedicated throughput, customizable permissions, interoperability, and more by leveraging its secure, scalable, and cost-efficient blockchain scaling technology. More than 25 Orbit chains have been officially announced, and an additional 50+ are in active development to date.