Antler Interactive CMO Shares Expertise on Navigating the Future of Gaming

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Stockholm, Sweden, February 16th, 2024, GamingWire


The gaming landscape stands on the cusp of transformation with the integration of Web3 technologies, notably non-fungible tokens (NFTs), poised to revolutionize interactive entertainment.

Industry luminary Pelle Sunnerot, Chief Marketing Officer at Antler Interactive, unveils crucial insights into the pivotal role of community in driving the growth of Web3 games.

With over two decades of experience in marketing, including seminal contributions to titles like Dead by Daylight, Payday 2, and My Neighbor Alice, Sunnerot is uniquely positioned to shed light on the intersection of traditional gaming and the emerging Web3 frontier.

In a comprehensive analysis, Sunnerot addresses the core challenges and opportunities facing the adoption of NFTs in gaming. He acknowledges the spectrum of reactions within the gaming community, ranging from enthusiasm to skepticism, and identifies the need for a paradigm shift in the narrative surrounding NFTs. Sunnerot emphasizes the potential of NFTs to enhance gameplay and player agency, stressing the importance of providing real utility beyond mere scarcity. As Sunnerot articulates, « It’s akin to buying a painting with limited interaction. » He highlights the necessity for a new narrative around NFTs, one that foregrounds their potential to enhance gameplay and player agency.

Furthermore, Sunnerot advocates for a seamless integration of Web3 technologies into game design, underscoring the importance of user-friendly interfaces and accessible entry points for traditional gamers unfamiliar with blockchain. « Let the game speak for itself, and let the technology enhance the experience, not complicate it, » Pelle suggests, emphasizing the importance of user-friendly interfaces and accessible entry points for gamers unfamiliar with Web3.

Central to Sunnerot’s vision is the pivotal role of community engagement in shaping the gaming experience. Drawing from his extensive experience, he highlights the transformative power of an engaged community as the cornerstone of successful game development. Sunnerot emphasizes, « You have to understand the community, » asserting its role not merely as a participant but as a co-creator in the gaming narrative. He reflects on the transformative power of community engagement, stating, « The community is there because they want to be. They have an interest. There’s something driving them. »

Pelle’s vision for the future of gaming is one of boundless possibilities. AI, he posits, can bring NFTs and game characters to life in unprecedented ways, creating that react to the player’s individual journey. 

Whilst that is the case, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, as he fears games will be produced rather than crafted delicately, taking the soul out of it. CEO of Antler Interactive, Lenny Pettersson mentioned a similar thing in a recent interview, and both share the view that AI is a tool to be used by gamemakers to create dynamic experiences, and breed emotional connection to games

Sunnerot offers practical advice for new NFT-focused gaming projects, stressing the importance of prioritizing the product and delivering a high-quality gaming experience that resonates with players. He cautions against overpromising and overextension, urging developers to maintain a focus on gameplay and community engagement. Sunnerot asserts, « A good product makes marketing easy and builds your target audience. »

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